Mergers and acquisitions of existing communities. What is the difference?

Community is a new tradable tool which rises and sinks in its value. I am one of the first specialists in the world who works in the field of Community M&A and trades communities. In my portfolio you can find commercially viable communities ready for sale or sponsorship. I already bought out some communities and will gladly help you with buying existing communities for your needs.

Exponentially growing market

Thanks to the growth of interest in community business and creation of new community platforms such as Discourse, Insided, Product Hunt, Meetup, Bevy, Airmeet, Disciple etc. there are many new topical communities being created daily, many of which we are not even aware of. There are over 5 million discussion groups on Facebook alone. Searching and filtering (let alone comparing)  of the individual communities is still a complex process. I already wrote about it in the article called Community Market Research. Why order it from me? If you are in the phase of having done a community market survey and are about to buy some community, then let me explain the difference between fusion and acquisition of a community.

Community fusion

It means buying a community where the founder (manager) becomes a part of your internal team. Most commonly they become a Senior Community Manager and it is them who are responsible for the subsequent running of the community as well as implementing it into your business needs.

Community acquisition

In this case it’s about buying the community while knowing beforehand that the leader doesn’t want to participate in running the community anymore. After the sale they just want to hand the community over and don’t care about anything anymore. In case of acquisition it is quite common that the leader is still responsible for proper function of the community and handing it into your care. This period usually lasts 3-6 months after the payment.

Be careful to not confuse the terms of handing the community over and the actual implementation. In case of acquisition you therefore need to keep in mind that you will need to have a capable Community Manager while taking the community from its owner so that they could take it over for your business and then implement it for your needs.

Community catalog and business opportunities

Thanks to paid surveys which I make for my clients I also keep developing my own catalog of communities and find new attributes and ways to compare communities among each other. Communities which are interesting in terms of business and put them into my business portfolio.

The communities in my portfolio are either for sale or their leaders are willing to cooperate with commercial subjects in a form of annual sponsorship.

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